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February 5th, 2015 at 07:30 am

So we paid off tires: $622 and personal debt $500. And we put $3500 towards EF.

Which brings us to credit card debt to $5,030 and car $15666.
We still need $1500 for EF, before we will start working on credit card debt.

Long time needed update

January 11th, 2015 at 10:07 pm

Wow, I didn't post almost for year. Reading back it seems we didn't do any progress, but instead slid even in more bigger debt. While debt on car went down (paid $3500 in principal), credit card/personal debt went up for $1200, emergency fund left with $140 only. This is disaster. While I know, where things went wrong, I really need my husband be on the same side every month, every week, every day, not just when money is tight. What should I do?

Our progress

February 17th, 2014 at 09:55 pm

My husband and I signed up for Dave Ramsey financial peace university. I am grateful that church waived fee for us. Finally, I can say my husband is on the same page with me.

So here our insight on our financials:

We paid off 2 credit cards and personal debt, so we have 2 cards to go and car loan. We was able to save $1500 for emergency fund, still need $1000 so, until we pay off rest of debt. My online survey taking, swagbucks and etc, brought us $100 in cash for Christmas plus $25 gift card for kids clothes and $20 gift card for my husband for Christmas or birthday. Also we still participating in 365 days for each kid and 52 weeks challenge, so we have around $38.00 and $36.00.

Of course all of this saving didn't come easy, my husband had to do multiple gigs and tax refund helped. Not to mention we live in very tight budget, where is no room for entertainment or eating out or any extra purchases except basic necessities, like diapers, soap and etc.

Update and week #2

January 14th, 2014 at 09:41 pm

So my husband pulled it off, he had extra job and we was able to pay rent, insurance, tuition for school and cell phone bill. I am just hoping the days will be good and he will have a lot job and tips. Unfortunately, we do have food benefits., and it feels horrible. Insurance is full coverage, but not from bank. We transferred from our old car. We did try to follow Dave Ramsey method with car, but it back fired. So we took loan on practically new SUV with high percent( almost 8%). My husband just building credit, he never had credit cards, so credit not as good as I wish. But I guess we have to suck it up and deal with it for awhile.
So for this month we still have to pay credit cards, internet, and car. I wish I can use GC from Christmas fund, but they are from stores and I don't shop at the stores until I seriously needed. We have huge stockpile, well it is getting smaller, but probably will last maybe 2-4 month(household items).
So our primary money suckers a bills. And food taken care with food stamps for now.

Unfortunately I did take $77 out of house fund and $1 from emergency fund, but hopefully I will outed back next week, otherwise I keep putting coins in kids jar and I put $2.00 for week #2.

Also while going thru last year finance we realize where we did mistake. We read financial peace book and 1st step was to save $1000 and 2nd step was pay off credit cards. We did that 2 steps and for a moment we fill great, but then things went out control, my husband didn't had enough hours, weather was bad, car breakdown. So emergency fund get drained, and when job didn't picked it up credit cards went in use. I did had to put some of the bills, badly most of them on credit card. So from now on we want save at least $2500 for emergency and only then start paying down cards and the same time adding at least $100 a month to emergency fund until we reach $5000, and only then pay all extra money to credit cards. I am just hoping this plan won't backfire this time.

First week of 2014

January 6th, 2014 at 09:37 pm

I finally made budget, and it consists only bills and no room to wiggle. While I realize long time ago, that our finances start going down the hill, I didn't realize how long it will take us to claim back.

I am thankful for the snow and to be honest we need more 3-4 inches snowfalls around here. I know everybody hate it, but it is money for our family (my husband cleans snow as side job). So for us it is practically money falling from the sky.

Now back to reality, I received letter saying if I won't pay car insurance by 16, it will be cancelled. It is $320.00. Also landlord send message today, saying that he didn't receive rent yet. My husband's main job was closed today, so no check today. But even with check I won't be able to pay whole amount($840). And next check only next Monday. But as next Monday will roll in we will have other bills to pay. It is like never ending cycle. I am so afraid that we will be kicked out of apartment with 2 little ones in this cold.

On positive note, I rediscovered swagbucks site. With outstanding points and some surveys I can get couple gift cards. Also I was able to redeem some gift cards from shopkick add. I found that one of survey site I used couple years ago still have my rewards and I can redeem for gift cards also. And my husband get $10.00 gift card for target as tip. So all of the gift cards or actual money equivalent from them(if I use them), will go towards Christmas budget for kids and family. I still need set up how much do we need, because we have extended family, who shows up around holidays (grrr), but nowhere to found when you need them.

And I sold one item on Facebook, after all expenses $3.30 profit, well better than nothing, anyways I planned to return it, so this goes toward down payment for house also.

6 days of non spending/ 25 to go, or as my husband said 359 to go.

What is you New Year resolutions?

January 2nd, 2014 at 09:06 am

Well, my first resolution obviously get finance under control. While we have budget every single month and all, but we in financial hole.

Second, get home organized, not just clean and everything in place. I want it be free of clutter, I want to change the way we look at the life. I want my kids and husband realize that things don't make people happy, family is what important. I feel like everything is money related, even holidays all about money, not joy.

Also I decide to use mypoints.com site to get some gift cards for next after holiday shopping. They have $50.00 gift card for children's place for around 7,000 points. Which means I have to get about 20 points every day for whole year. Counting that children's place after holiday have $1.99 and $3.99 sale plus you can use coupon, we talking about half of winter wardrobe for my son here.

So my goals are saving and decluttering and everything in between.

DAILY STATS for January,2

365 day challenge- 1 jar for each kid - $0.03 each
Returned items in target and get back $102.57 wow what did we bought.
Paid credit card $100.00
Put gas $30.01
Cat food $7.34
Gymboree $13.90 (need return wrong size, so it is offset this amount)
Grocery $3.04+$20.11-$3.18=$19.97

Well, no budget for January yet. I need kids in the bed and some quiet time.

Let's the year begin.

January 1st, 2014 at 10:57 pm

So today we sat down with my husband and decide to discuss our financial situation. It is in horrible state right now. He had bad month and was not bringing much needed money, unfortunately because of that we have outstanding bills, which need to be addressed.
But we decide that for month of January we are in non spending band. Only the items can be bought is food, gas for car, food for cat(we out, otherwise I would not even buy that) and bills. Also we decide to participate in 52 weeks challenge and 365 day challenge multiple twice. 52 weeks challenge would be great for emergency fund and 365 day for kids birthdays and Christmas presents.

So here:
January, 1st $0.01 for E, $0.01 for D.
Food budget is $350.00

Tomorrow I will sit down and will do budget for January. Yikes. I don't want to even know how much we own.