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Long time needed update

January 11th, 2015 at 10:07 pm

Wow, I didn't post almost for year. Reading back it seems we didn't do any progress, but instead slid even in more bigger debt. While debt on car went down (paid $3500 in principal), credit card/personal debt went up for $1200, emergency fund left with $140 only. This is disaster. While I know, where things went wrong, I really need my husband be on the same side every month, every week, every day, not just when money is tight. What should I do?

Our progress

February 17th, 2014 at 09:55 pm

My husband and I signed up for Dave Ramsey financial peace university. I am grateful that church waived fee for us. Finally, I can say my husband is on the same page with me.

So here our insight on our financials:

We paid off 2 credit cards and personal debt, so we have 2 cards to go and car loan. We was able to save $1500 for emergency fund, still need $1000 so, until we pay off rest of debt. My online survey taking, swagbucks and etc, brought us $100 in cash for Christmas plus $25 gift card for kids clothes and $20 gift card for my husband for Christmas or birthday. Also we still participating in 365 days for each kid and 52 weeks challenge, so we have around $38.00 and $36.00.

Of course all of this saving didn't come easy, my husband had to do multiple gigs and tax refund helped. Not to mention we live in very tight budget, where is no room for entertainment or eating out or any extra purchases except basic necessities, like diapers, soap and etc.