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Family time

January 18th, 2015 at 09:12 pm

We craved in and went to movie theater to see Big hero 6 movie. It is was good, kids enjoyed, I think we enjoyed as much as them. Tickets was $12 for all 4 of us and popcorn and drinks with unlimited refills was $13. So $25. I guess whole next week we will be staying in and enjoying free activities as family.

I was amazed how my kids grew over last half year, we went to movie theater last time in summer and they was talking, moving a lot, especially little one. This time they was both quiet and watch and enjoyed movie.

Christmas/birthday/vacation fund

January 16th, 2015 at 06:07 pm

Ok, the week is not done yet, but I was able to earn other $5.00 cash from gifthulk, which brings total to $45.50. But I do worry about my $5 target GC from swagbucks, which is under revision for some reason.

I have points on other sites, which I think I better redeem soon.

Mypoints have enough for $5.00 GC
Valued opinion for $20 GC or cash
My soapbox has $12.00 available to redeem for GC also
I have InboxDollars around $26.00, but won't able to redeem until I hit $30
So, around $63 in rewards.

All this online rewards are not main resources for this funds, just little additions, which will help little by little.

Here is plan:

Bing search rewards
26 points daily 317 days , about 18 $5 GC or $90
16 points daily 317 days, about 17 $3 GC or $51

Really not sure, since I am new, but I already managed receive $15.00, so hopefully $5.00 a month , so $50 cash

Lately it is not crediting good and takes too much time, I will be lucky if I get to $5.00 a month, so other $50

Other sites I don't consider, since it is too much time, well let say we get $20 in whole year from other sites.

Shopkicks app
Let's say $5.00 a month, so $50

So I hope from online activities: $310 plus whatever I already earn, let's say $450-$500.

I know it is not much, but it will cover half of birthday fund.

Need plans... Better plans

January 13th, 2015 at 03:08 pm

Ok, if I want to win this game, I better have plan. I had one for years, but I think it is too perfect and unrealistic for everyday life. Like for example not eating out, it is hard when something come up and it is no way to cook meal, but going out it is always around $25-$30 minimum for 4 of us. Of course, it is just one example, but almost every other week something comes up, which ruin grand plan

So I will start slow - with most unpleasant task for me cooking. Don't get me wrong, I love to bake and make new interesting dishes. But when it becomes daily task: morning, noon, evening - 365 days a year, it gets old fast.

I did research before and have whole pinterest wall, what to cook, how to cook ahead or cook once a month, it just never worked out right. My husband and my son loooove meat/chicken and need daily, especially my husband he works outside and has have physical job. My son always hungry, but he is 2 and he is growing, so that explains. My daughter and me on other hand not meat lovers, while I will eat time to time or have smaller portions, my daughter will have one bite if at all. Plus on top both kids are allergic. And of course, each of us have preferred dishes, which of course all different. So when I normally sit down, instead a plan I have a headache.

So for the rest of month(18 days, about 2.5 weeks) I have $192.12, which means we spend more than half of our grocery money. Now my plan to cook ahead at least 3 dinners and lunches. Plus I read online about stocking up on essential food items every week using only $5-$10, so in case of emergency(for us simply running out of money) you have everything you need for 2-3 month.

I planning to make separate post with all our meal plans and items for emergency(with updates), so it easy to track and I can see it all it one place.

Christmas/birthday/vacation fund

January 11th, 2015 at 10:20 pm

I know we suppose to save for EF first, but this money I earn doing stuff online, which most of the time come as gift cards, so not much of use for emergency.

So as Jan, 11-2015 here my earnings:

GC for Target $5.00 from swagbucks
Cash $25.00 from swagbucks
Cash $5.00 from gifthulk
Cash $5.00 from gifthulk
Cash $0.50 from qmee

With total: $40.50

I am not sure yet in which exactly fund it will go Christmas, or birthday, or vacation, but total for all funds need to be $5000 before December, 1-2015. This equivalents to saving $15.40 daily, which is quiet impossible right now, but I hope it will turn around.

Long time needed update

January 11th, 2015 at 10:07 pm

Wow, I didn't post almost for year. Reading back it seems we didn't do any progress, but instead slid even in more bigger debt. While debt on car went down (paid $3500 in principal), credit card/personal debt went up for $1200, emergency fund left with $140 only. This is disaster. While I know, where things went wrong, I really need my husband be on the same side every month, every week, every day, not just when money is tight. What should I do?