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Christmas/birthday/vacation fund

January 11th, 2015 at 10:20 pm

I know we suppose to save for EF first, but this money I earn doing stuff online, which most of the time come as gift cards, so not much of use for emergency.

So as Jan, 11-2015 here my earnings:

GC for Target $5.00 from swagbucks
Cash $25.00 from swagbucks
Cash $5.00 from gifthulk
Cash $5.00 from gifthulk
Cash $0.50 from qmee

With total: $40.50

I am not sure yet in which exactly fund it will go Christmas, or birthday, or vacation, but total for all funds need to be $5000 before December, 1-2015. This equivalents to saving $15.40 daily, which is quiet impossible right now, but I hope it will turn around.

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